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New Orleans Plumbing Tips For This Hurricane Season

Updated: Jun 4

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With hurricane season upon us, every New Orleans homeowner should take proactive steps to protect their property and ensure their family's safety. Hurrican season can be a stressful time; the potential for heavy rains, strong winds, and flooding can wreak havoc on your plumbing system if you're not prepared. Bertucci Bros Plumbing is here to help you safeguard your home with essential New Orleans plumbing tips to help you get through hurricane season unscathed.

Understanding the Importance of Hurricane Preparedness

Preparing for hurricane season involves more than just boarding up windows and stocking up on supplies. Your plumbing system needs attention too. A hurricane's impact on plumbing can range from minor inconveniences to major catastrophes, including flooding, sewage backups, broken pipes, and contaminated water supplies. Proper preparation can help prevent these issues and end up saving you a lot of money.

Why Should you Get Your Plumbing Inspected Pre-Hurricane season?

Prevent Water Damage. Regular plumbing maintenance helps prevent water damage caused by leaks and flooding. Ensuring your pipes and fixtures are in good condition reduces the risk of costly repairs after a storm.

Ensure Safety and Comfort. A well-maintained plumbing system can be the difference between a decent hurricane experience and a tragic one. Reliable plumbing can provide clean water and proper drainage, which are essential for your family's health and safety. Remember, you can always call a plumber before a hurricane, but you can never call a plumber during a hurricane.

Ways to Prepare Your New Orleans Home's Plumbing for Hurricane Season

1. Inspect for Leaks: Small leaks in your plumbing can lead to significant problems if damaged in a storm. Consider inspecting your home's plumbing for any small leaks before hurricane season. If you lack the expertise, it's best to call a local New Orleans plumbing specialist like Bertucci Bros Plumbing for a thorough inspection.

2. Emergency Plumbing Kit: Keep essential tools such as pipe wrenches, pliers, and sealant in an emergency plumbing kit. In the event of a pipe burst during a hurricane, having these tools on hand can provide some comfort until a professional plumber can address the issue after the storm.

3. Storm drain maintenance: If you have storm drains on your property, we recommend clearing them out before hurricane season. New Orleans is below sea level, which means the potential for flooding is high. By having your storm drains cleared, you could save yourself from expensive home repairs from flood damage.

4. Secure sewer clean-out caps: If your sewer clean-out caps are loose, your sewage system may take on rainwater. This will cause an overflow, pushing waste out of your sewage system and possibly back into your house.

5. Fill a Bathtub: Prior to a hurricane, consider filling up a bathtub with clean water as a precautionary measure in case of a shortage of clean drinking water.

How to Keep Your Home's Plumbing Safe During an Evacuation

Because New Orleans is below sea level, it is common for hurricanes to cause New Orleans residents to evacuate. This can be a stressful time, and you never know what damage you might come back to after the hurricane passes. Here are some New Orleans plumbing tips to give you some peace of mind during an evacuation:

1. Shut Off the Water Meter and Main Shut-Off Valve: Prevent water leaks caused by pipe bursts by shutting off your water supply. Pipe ruptures can lead to flooding and significant property damage if left unattended.

2. Shut Off Gas Meter: Turn off your gas to prevent potential gas leaks in your absence, which could lead to toxic gas buildup and even house fires. If you have a gas water heater make sure to relight it upon turning the gas back on.

For All Your Hurricane Season New Orleans Plumbing Needs, Call Bertucci Bros Plumbing

Whether you need maintenance or have questions about your plumbing system, Bertucci Bros Plumbing is the best New Orleans plumbing service to call for all your plumbing needs. Contact us today at (504) 599-PIPE or fill out the form below and feel confident about your plumbing this hurricane season.


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